Anger Management Training

Temper your anger, learn Productive responses




Sessions are Conducted In-Person or via Secure Video Conferencing

Personalized for you, this anger management training of four, hour-long sessions is designed to help you understand and process your anger, choose interventions to be used in situations that lead to anger, implement methods for decreasing your stress level to prevent anger, and increase your range of productive responses. In addition to the  sessions, follow up calls to measure progress at 30 and 90 days are included.



Session 1: Introduction and How Anger Works in the Brain and Body

Session 2: Understanding Your Anger and Situational Interventions

Session 3: Long-Term Stress Reduction Techniques

Session 4: Replacing Anger with Productive Responses


NOTE: These sessions are intended for the management of anger in adults that does not reach the level of a diagnosable mental disorder such as intermittent explosive disorder or any other anxiety or stress disorder that may be causing anger episodes defined by the DSM-5. If it is determined that a diagnosable disorder is present, alternative treatment will be discussed.

This anger management training is not billable to insurance.