Practical Tools and Techniques to perform your best


Improve Work Quality and Performance

Strengthen Relationships

Enhance Retention

Increase Job Satisfaction


Stress is affecting your company. Stress at Work: Practical Tools and Techniques to Perform Your Best is a stress management workshop designed to help you do something about it.

According to the 2006 Stress & Anxiety Disorders Survey from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, employees report that anxiety and stress, whether originating from work or home, had negative consequences in their jobs:

  • 56% say stress affects workplace performance
  • 51% say stress affects relationships with coworkers and peers
  • 50% say stress affects the quality of their work
  • 43% say stress affects their relationships with superiors


Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber Rate



What You Will Learn

  • The mechanisms of stress in the brain and body
  • How to prepare for or prevent personal stress triggers
  • How to identify your unique manifestations of stress
  • How to tap into underlying emotions
  • Situational and long-term stress reduction techniques

Custom Designed

While maintaining the basic structure, each presentation is custom-designed for:

  • Relevance to your industry
  • Level of employee attending, from ā€˜Cā€™ level to front line
  • Position and duties of employees attending

Format and Packages

The complete workshop is offered in a 60  minute format for up to 20 participants.

Specialized packages  available for:

  • Multiple small groups
  • Large group workshops
  • Speaking/keynote presentations